Andrews Advisory Associates, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser firm located in Honolulu, Hawaii. We specialize in fee-only investment management services for individuals, families, small businesses and non-profit organizations. We guide our clients through their unique challenges with expert advice and sound stewardship of their wealth and retirement plans.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  It is with deepest regret that we bear the sad news of the passing of our founder and mentor.  Les Andrews passed away on Thursday, June 9 around 6 p.m. after a brief battle with cancer.  He was 75 years old.  In 2017, Les had the foresight and wisdom to complete an internal business succession plan.  He completed all the legal requirements to transfer Andrews Advisory Associates, LLC to us on July 1, 2022 and was planning to retire on that date.  Sadly, Les passed before he could enjoy his well-earned retirement.  Christina M. Cotten, CFP® has been working with Les for over 15 years, and Travis Tsukayama, CFP® has been with the firm for over seven years.  We have the critical support of our Client Services Specialist team, Kaila Woo and Cindy Manago, who have been working hard behind the scenes.  We will honor Les' legacy by keeping our investment philosophy the same – simple discipline, low investment costs, and most important, providing a fiduciary standard of care in every aspect of our relationships with clients.  To honor his wishes, the family will not hold a memorial service; however, they have created a memorial page online:  We welcome your phone calls at 808-521-4015.  Kindest regards, Christina & Travis



We provide commission-free, fiduciary investment advice. Our client's interests are always first, above our own.

Our advisers have years of experience in financial management, through various market cycles.

We are educated in finance and maintain well-known, industry-standard professional credentials.


Our strategy is simple, liquid, and easy to understand.

We take time to get to know our clients to create custom portfolios tailored to their individual goals, time horizon, and tolerance for investment volatility.

We emphasize low investment costs, periodic rebalancing, dollar-cost averaging, tax loss harvesting, and other strategies to improve returns over time


Our fee-only investment advice serves our clients' needs with objectivity and transparency.

We are unbiased advocates for all aspects of clients' financial lives and retirement.

We focus on education and proactive communication to anticipate clients' future challenges.  Our commitment to our clients' needs is lifelong and multi-generational.

We inspire you to turn your goals into an actionable plan for success.





Individual Stock Portfolios

The Dividend Boosters Discipline® portfolios are highly focused, consisting of about 25 holdings chosen from over 3,000 US stocks.  Using a rules-based system, we choose domestic companies with a global footprint to create a customized stock portfolio designed to focus on a history of rising dividends and reflect the sectors of the S&P 500® Index.

Other criteria include share buybacks, earnings, free cash flow and a sustainable competitive advantage, also known as “economic moat.”


Asset Allocation Portfolios

Our core investment portfolios are constructed using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Mutual Funds designed to provide diversification and reduce risk.

Our investment choices have low costs.  They are tailored for portfolio size, time horizon, and tolerance for investment volatility.  We choose ETFs that follow a market index for lower costs, are liquid and readily traded, and have at least $100 million in assets.


Qualified Retirement Plans

Our 401(k) platform is designed for companies that have employees in addition to family members.  We use low-cost investments such as ETFs and no-commission mutual funds to improve participants' chance of retirement success.

Our platform is Open-Architecture, as the various service providers are separate and can be changed to meet the needs of the company.  Our firm serves as an Investment Fiduciary, which can help employers meet their obligations under US Department of Labor regulations.


We provide financial planning services as needed, only for existing Investment Management clients with assets under our management, their family members, or their employees.

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